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APAMO lobbies and advocates with various stakeholders relevant to the sugar sector in order to ensure the sustainability of the business of its members and all partners in its value chain.

Institutional Relations

Dialogue with the Government support for the value chain Sugar policy


Interface in sugar cane variety processes. Control of sugar export quotas on the SACU market.

Member representation

Negotiation of the national minimum wage, Fortification of sugar with vitamin A, regional and international sugar conferences, and national and international economic associations. It is our responsibility to defend the suits of Mozambique’s sugar industry through:

It is our responsibility to promote the suits of Mozambique’s sugar industry through:

Promoting Sustainability

We are committed to adopting and promoting sustainable agricultural and production practices that preserve our environment, guarantee water resources and build infrastructure to mitigate the impact of climate change, for the long-term viability of the sugar industry.

Defense of Excellence

We support policies and regulations that enhance the quality of sugar cane cultivation, sugar production and product standards, thus increasing competitiveness in both domestic and global markets.

Empowering communities

Through policy advocacy, APAMO actively contributes to local communities in the region surrounding production areas improving their quality of life through education, healthcare, and economic empowerment initiatives.

Ensuring Responsiveness

We remain receptive to the ever-changing needs of the sugar industry, tackling challenges quickly and proactively, while seizing emerging opportunities.

Defense of Ethical Practices

We uphold ethical standards within the industry, emphasizing transparency, ethical practices and fair labor and responsible land use.

Improving Market Access

We promote Mozambique's sugar products at regional and international level, seeking to diversify markets and increase export opportunities, while maintaining high quality standards.

Driving Innovation

We encourage innovation in all aspects of the sugar industry, from agricultural techniques to processing methods, to stay at the forefront of technological advances.