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The year 2001 marked a crucial moment in Mozambique’s economic landscape with the creation of the Association of Sugar Producers of Mozambique (APAMO).

In the mid-1990s, the Council of Ministers authorized the National Institute for Sugar to develop a rehabilitation strategy and as a result, four of the six sugar mills that existed at the time were restored.

Mozambique’s climatic conditions have always been ideal for growing sugar cane. This attracted the attention of national and international entities to invest in the sugar sector.

These investments ensured the growth of the national industry. As a result, the sugar production and market value chain revealed more opportunities. It was in this environment that the need to create APAMO became unavoidable because while the industry was experiencing significant growth, several challenges along the sugar production and market value chain were putting the investments made and the long-term sustainability of the business at risk.

APAMO was set up Companhia de Sena S.A (at the time part of the TEREOS group), TONGAAT- Acucareira de Xinavane S.A, TONGAAT- Acucareira de Mocambique S.A and Maragra Acucar S.A (at the time part of the ILLOVO group) as a response to the challenges the industry was facing, despite the enormous production potential at national level.

APAMO imagines a future where sugar cane cultivation coexists harmoniously with environmental preservation, where local communities prosper through meaningful partnerships and Mozambique’s sugar gains prominence on the global market.