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APAMO is dedicated to promoting and representing the sugar sector as part of its vision to transform the sugar industry into an important sector for the sustainable development of the economy. Our actions aim to:

Progress in the sector

The association seeks to contribute to the advancement of the sugar industry in Mozambique, lobbying and advocating to attract investment to the sector, catapulting an increase in the area of sugar cane cultivation for the production of sugar and its derivatives, and boosting diversification. Increasing the competitiveness and efficiency of the sector to compete on all sides of the world market.

Policy Defence

The association advocates for the sugar industry at the government and regulatory levels. It seeks to influence the policies and regulations that affect the industry, ensuring a favorable business environment and tackling the challenges that may arise.


Promoting sustainable practices is a crucial aspect of the association's objective. It involves advocating for national and international policies and procedures that improve cultivation and production methods. These methods should be beneficial for investments, surrounding communities, the environment, and the sustainable management of water resources to ensure the long-term viability of the sugar sector.


The association promotes collaboration and information sharing among its sugar-producer members. This collaboration includes research and development initiatives, knowledge exchange, and joint efforts to tackle common challenges.

Social responsability

Ensuring that the sugar industry positively impacts local communities is a priority, and the association is always procuring to work on initiatives that promote processes related to education, healthcare, and employment opportunities for communities surrounding sugar production areas.

Market access

Facilitating access to regional and international markets is also part of the objective. It involves promoting Mozambique's sugar products abroad and supporting market diversification.

Quality assurance

The association has been working in the field of lobbying and advocacy with various stakeholders in the sector to maintain and improve the quality standards of Mozambican sugar products to meet the demands of the national and international markets.